Biggleswade Untied F.C. 3-1 Edgware Town


League game played Away - Saturday 22nd February 2020


Joe Ringer

Bradley Robinson

Rio Beech

Mark Burgess

George McCluskey

James Burges

Hadi Issa

Eisa Azab

Scott McGleish

Steven Benevides

Felix Amoah

Adam Page

Theo Ofori

Armstrong Agbakwuru

Fergus Moore

Darren Bonfield

The game in the first half albeit a one-sided affair in Bigglewade’s favour and an even affair in the second half was essentially decided by a penalty that was awarded for hand ball in the box. Up until that point the only real threat to any goal was the one that saw the ball in the back of the net just before halftime that put the the Wares in front.

The Wares were slow to start and continue… The first 10 minutes did have goal mouth action but it was the home side that were making all the noises. In fact it it was a slight disturbance from Biggleswade’s possession in the 11th minutes that saw Azab have an attempt at goal that went wide. The rest of the half amounted to a lot of possession and 4 shots on target for Biggleswade. Although they had good possession and momentum and did have attempts on target none were strong open good chances and the Wares looked comfortable out of possession.


HT: 0-0

No changes were made at halftime but for the enthusiasm of the Wares players. In fact to mark this change of attitude McGleish in the 46th minutes picked up a forward pass rode with the defender until in the box to then powerfully but steadily strike the ball passed the keeper and into the back of the net 0-1. Nothing much changes after that for a while as the Wares retained momentum for the 10 minutes when McGleish had another go at goal this time safety into the keepers hands. On 57 minutes Biggleswade decide to make a double substitution and the difference was made almost immediately. Biggleswade forayed a couple of times into the box and the substitute struck a ball with pace to hit a defender on the hand. A penalty was awarded that was dutifully despatched init the net to change the whole complexion of the game 1-1. From then on it was all down hill and Biggleswade score again 2-1 in the 65th minute and a double substitution that saw Amoah and aMcGleish off for Page and Ofori couldn’t halt the Wares demise. Another Wares’ substitution was made in the 81st as Issa came off for Agbakwuru only to see another Biggleswade attach make it to the back on the net 3-1 minutes later.

FT: 0-2

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