Leighton Town F.C. 4-2 Edgware Town F.C.


League game played at Away - Saturday 9th November 2019

Frazer Siddall

Bradley Robinson

Rio Beech

Mark Burgess

George McCluskey

Martin Flannery

Felix Amoah

Dan Pett

Adam Page

Ryan Carruthers

Steven Benavides

Eisa Azab

Theo Ofori

George Harsini

Fergus Moore

A pretty even game with about an even number of attempts but they were more accurate. Leighton slightly the better team and deserve the lead in the first half. 2 bits of individual brilliance from the Leighton number 9 and a missed open goal for the Wares was all the difference.

The start of the first half saw Page have an attempt at goal in the first minute. Leighton counter in the second minute but Siddall close the threat down early. Leighton had most of the momentum in the first quarter and in the 16th minute their number 9 from a difficult angle got himself half a yard and smashed it across the goal into the far corner 1-0. Robinson is cautioned in the 24th for an innocuous challenge. Leighton kept the momentum when finally a through ball into the path of a very quick forward end with a shot to the far post 2-0. the third was unfortunate in the 38th as the wet conditions played a part in this one. Siddall had to drop the ball as his slide took him out of the box, 10 to tap in 3-0. In the 43rd a great move from the Wares led to a crossed from Benavides being deflected into the goal as the defender couldn’t stop his momentum forwards. The weather is playing it’s part for the second time 3-1.

HT: 3-1

Azab on for Flannery and Harsini on for Amoah were the action points in the first 15 minutes for the second half. The game the becomes end to end stuff with counter attack after counter attack. Ofori comes on for Pett and the game continues in the same vein when in the 73rd minutes the Leighton number 9 covered by 2 defenders makes half a yard and riffles a ball past them across the face of goal and it hits the inside of the far post leaving everyone astonished 4-1. a couple of minutes later as the Wares gain back momentum with several good opportunities Page headers a ball from an excellent cross 4-2. The Wares then continue to pile on the pressure and in the 78th an open goal! There was a real chance to go within 1 goal and put further pressure on. Despite the continual searching for another goal and one further counter attack from Leighton where Siddall pulled off a great save it ended before a great comeback could come about.

FT: 4-2

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