St Margaretsbury 1-1 Edgware Town


League game played away Saturday 10th February  


  1. Greg Marsh
  2. Ben Grey
  3. David Sota
  4. George McCluskey
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Denis Marhajan
  7. Reon Thomas
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Hani Berchiche
  11. Rio Beech
  12. Ryan Carruthers
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Sam Adae
  15. Stanley Anum
  16. Perry Aitchision

It ended a close run thing but the Wares should have been out of sight in the first half given their dominance.


A great start from the Wares with plenty of possession and plenty of forays into thier box. Mikkel James made himself known early doors in the 8th minute with a spin and a shot that the keeper had to save, parried only to the waiting Reon Thomas who couldn’t make use of the opportunity presented to him. The Wares continued to dominate possession but had little finishing opportunities with Hani Berchiche adding to attempts at goal for the Wares in the 20th minute. The wares finished the half disappointingly without a goal.


HT - 0–0


A completely different half ensued after the break. For the first 20 minutes of the second half St Margaretsbury ran the show totally unexpectedly. However, they too found it hard to get a shot off only managing one in the 51st minute that was off target. Almost a reversal of fortunes. Despite the lack of possession Denis Marhajan manged to force their keeper into a good save in the 55th minute with Dan Pett adding another straight after. It almost seemed better not to have possession when St Margaretsbury managed to score from a “game of pinball’ in the Wares box. On came Stanley Anum for Reon Thomas with a little shuffling of positions up top in the 65th minute and St Margaretsbury continued to dominate. 3 minutes later Ben Gray made way for Sam Addae, a straight swap at right back. St Mags continued with attempts at goal, one forcing Greg Marsh into action. 15 minutes to the end brought about a further shuffling of places up front and the Wares slowly came into the game and dominated from there after Stanley Anum put one past them in the 86th minute.


FT - 1-1