Edgware 1-1 Crawley Green


 League match played away Tuesday 23rd August  

1. Tayler Montgomery 
2. Sam Addae
3. David Sota
4. Luke Burton
5. Michael Kinsella
6. Andrew Manitou
7. Ethan Mooney
8. Tom Rivet
9. Onalolu Onabolu
10. Jordan Lawal
11. Hans Berchiche
12. Luke Durnin
13. Alfie Hill
14. Reon Thomas
15. Rio Beech
16. Darren Bonfield - GK

The first 15 minutes and the game was fairly evenly contested with the Wares having most of the possession but but left the best chances to the Crawley side. With Edgware playing the better football and Crawley trying to break the game up physically Crawley suffered an injury and a yellow card. Play resumed with Crawley taking control with a free kick in their favour deep inside their half. They pressed forward and a cross was delivered from the right and the ball seemed to be in the area for a long time before Crawley finally shot into goal 1-0. The Wares piled on the pressure in the last 15 minutes with Ethan and Hani just going wide.

HT 1-0

A great start to the second half for the Wares keeping the ball and building up play but no real chances either way in the first 5 minutes. The game then became a little fractured with no team getting a hold of the game before the Wares had their first shot of the half on 56 minutes with Ethan going just over the top and then a minute later again with some good build up play Ethan makes the difference with a well worked goal 1-1. In a reverse of the situation Edgware try and contain consistent pressure from Crawley creating only 1 or 2 chances of their own. A late substitution sees Luke During come on for Luke Burton and a reshuffle of Tom to centre back and Luke into midfield. Crawley continue to pressurise for a winner but the Wares see out the game with a well fought draw. 

FT 1-1