Edgware Town 5 - CB Hounslow United 0

Combined Counties League Premier Division North

Edgware Town 5

CB Hounslow United 0

By Catherine Micallef


Edgware Town FC get back to winning ways against CB Hounslow United, as a hat-trick from Theo Ofori and goals from Moe Khadum and Damell Luke secured the ‘Wares’ a 5-0 win.

During the first twenty minutes of the match, Hounslow were dominating the play as they were stronger offensively.

Oluwaseni Owodunni and Martin Flannery were essential for ‘The Wares ‘in the oppositions side of the pitch, as they managed to get rid of any threat presented against Edgware.

Edgware goalkeeper Michael Anguzu was also a key figure in keeping the clean sheet, managing several saves in both halves.

During the first twenty minutes, Hounslow’s Grout was close to finding the net from the edge of the penalty box but Anguzu cleared it of any danger.

Anguzu almost caused a goal against his team by rushing out from his net leaving it empty, but the goalkeeper made sure to come back from his mistakes and once again saved the day.

Edgware barely had any shots on target during the first half, but left-back Liam Magwood was essential in creating opportunities to score, His box-to-box skills resulted in Edgware setting up an attack.

A mistake by Hounslow’s keeper, Basey, resulted in Moe Khadum putting his name first on the scoresheet in the 24th minute, as he did not let the second opportunity to score pass.

Despite this, Hounslow were still in the posing threats to the Edgware defence.

‘Wares ‘keeper Michael Anguzu was forced to step out of his area and clear the ball from afar, luckily he managed to do so smoothly despite the fact that it almost resulted in an injury for him.

Having been looked at by the team doctor, it was all clear for Anguzu and he could keep going with his exciting performance.

With eight minutes left on the clock before half-time, Theo Ofori finally came through for Edgware after almost finding the net a bit earlier with a shot that just went off wide over the crossbar.

A lovely back flick from Nile Waite assisted Ofori in scoring and making it 2-0 for Edgware, boosting their confidence even more.

Hounslow were stunned by the second goal, and were hoping to get to half-time to get themselves together.

Unlucky for them, Ofori managed to find the net once again before the whistle blew, He took his time to score, letting the opposition’s goalkeeper and defenders catch up to him and pressure him.

This did not stop Ofori from making it 3-0 and Edgware went into half-time with a clean sheet.

Hounslow went into the second half of the match with substitutions as Brace took Dunn’s place on the pitch and Oran came on for Wheeler, Later on Morgan also came on to substitute Orisagbami.

Edgware started off the second half on a bumpy road, as once again Hounslow were offensively dominant.

Town’s defense though was too strong for the away team.

It was time for the Wares to make some substitutes, this time as Owodunni gave space for Kaphouris to play, Mcgettigan came on for Magwood and Adaakwah replaced Khadum.

Thanks to these changes, Edgware became offensively stronger, creating more opportunities,young talent Mcgettigan got a corner for his team almost immediately as he came on to the pitch.

Later on, Nile Waite was pushed in the penalty area and the referee didn’t hesitate to award ‘The Wares ‘a penalty which was calmly taken by Theo Ofori, a left-foot shot saw Edgware leading 4-0 and Ofori achieving a hat-trick.

Two minutes later Darnell Luke sealed the deal for the Wares as he made it 5-0 thanks to a rocket shot from 18 yards from the net.

Edgware could afford to put on more different players and so Campbell replaced Sony-Bruce.

Edgware were offensively on top of Hounslow as Ofori almost found the net once again but unfortunately had the keeper block it.

The corner taken resulted in nothing for the Wares and later on 18-year old Mcgettigan ran through the whole Hounslow team and also almost score, this resulted in a corner but it did not do much for his side.

Hounslow’s Sangster came on for Jackson but it was all for nothing as the side could not come back from a 5-0 loss.

It was a terrific performance from Edgware Town, who hadn’t won a match in their last five games.

Having players out injured such as Rob Magwood, Yannick Bitsindou, Gustavo Angel and Hafid Boungafe could have made life more difficult for Edgware boss Rak Hudson.

Instead the manager had more space to experiment with younger players and managed to successfully earn his team three points to now find themselves in seventh place with 18 points.

Edgware are not in action on Saturday,

The next fixture is on Tuesday 26th October when Banstead visit Silver Jubilee Park for a Combined Counties Premier Cup 1st Round tie.