Harefield FC 1-0 Edgware Town FC


League game played at Home Tuesday 17th August, 2019


Frazer Siddall
Luke Nugent
Samuel Ocheja
Mark Burgess
George McCluskey
James Burgess
Ethan Mooney
Eisa Azab
Adam Page
Theo Ofori
Brian Mooney
Felix Amoah
Michael Koscien
Fergus Moore
Martin Flannery
Harry Hauserman

Much of a muchness. The game ebbed and flowed with momentum switching hands in regular fashion. The game was ruined by the referee stopping the game for university lectures. Both halves were very similar. 3 shots on target for the Wares and 1 for Harefield. With 3 shots off target each. The Wares really did have 2 clear opportunities to score and should have taken both. Roles reversal in the second!


HT: 0-0

FT: 1-0