Biggleswade FC 3-0 Edgware Town


League Game played away Saturday 6th October   


  1. Greg Ellingham
  2. Sam Odusoga
  3. David Sota
  4. George McCluskey
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Mark Burgess
  7. Martin Flannery
  8. Ethan Mooney
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Steven Benavides
  12. Perry Aitchison
  13. Stanley Anum
  14. Shaquille Ishmael


A tough first half, the attacking Wares just didn’t turn up but the defensive Wares were at their best. A much better second half separated by a non existent penalty.


4 minutes gone GOAL! And oh dear! A hopeful ball into the box seemed to deceive the Wares defence and Marsh poked home from close range 1-0.  20 gone and things seemed to have settled down a bit, BFC still in command but restricted to shots from outside the box. Not much from the Wares yet going forward. 30 gone and yes, no surprise a goal for BFC, Marsh scores again with a shot from just outside the box, Greg seemed to misjudge his dive. With 38 gone superb play by BFC down the left wing resulted in cross that was drilled into the top corner by the no 9 but it was out for ruled offside.


HT - 2–0


A good start to the half. 50 gone and a Rio Mikkel interchange saw Mikkel’s strike blocked by the defender. Mikkel booked for a tackle on 52. Edgware were getting into the final third more but Greg still had to pull off a great save in the 57th minute. 59 gone and play was stopped for a BFC injury and their 7 was booked for unsporting behaviour. 63 gone and a nice ball was put through from Rio but just avoided Steven. 4 minutes later Rio was booked on 67. Shortly after there was some nice build up play with a long pass to Mikkel but just didn’t make it. BFC were finding it hard to penetrate down the middle as they did in the first half. Around 20 to go the Wares were wining the ball early and pushing forwards. Much better.  69 gone and there was a debut for Shaquille on for Rio. 8 and 9 for Biggleswade were also replaced. 80 gone and a penalty awarded to Biggleswade FC for what seemed to be a good tackle. WTF! A very poor decision from the referee. Straight after there was a double substitution; Ferg and Mikkel off for Stanley and Perry. The game petered out with a yellow card for Biggleswade.


FT - 3-0