Broadfields 2-0 Edgware Town


FA Vase 2nd Qualifying Round Game played away Saturday 16th September   


  1. Sam Irish
  2. Ben Gray
  3. David Sota
  4. Paul Marks
  5. Perry Aitchison
  6. Denis Maharjan 
  7. Sam Odusoga
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Tomasz Siemienzuck
  10. Ivan Machado
  11. Omalolu Onabolu
  12. Ethan Mooney
  13. Rio Beech
  14. Stanley Anum
  15. Mikkel James
  16. Fergus Moore

A game that saw the Wares play an inform team from the division below plenty of action either end but Broadfields battled and gained their just rewards.


A pretty even game in the first half. The first 10 minutes saw the Wares put 2 attempts at goal wide one by Ivan and one by Dan. Shortly after Broadfields forced Sam into a save. Several half chances for both teams manifested before 28 minutes when Sam was called into action again. A couple of shots from both teams came and went just before half time with Ivan forcing the Broadfields keeper into another save.


HT - 0–0


The first 10 minutes of the second half was open with both teams trying to make a difference. On 65 minutes Broadfields on a counter culminated in Sam pulling of his third save of the game. Tomasz had a shot on target in the 68th minute. The game was reasonably even. A tiring Denis made way for Ethan on 73 and the last 15 minutes of the second half were pretty much Broadfiled’s in which Tomasz picked up a caution, had a shot at goal and was substituted for the oncoming Rio.


FT - 0-0


Extra time was Broafileds despite a couple of attempts from the Wares. Two messy situations saw the Wares not managed to bundle the ball in which was in contrast to Broadfields who managed to bundle their opportunity in. The Wares were then chasing the game, could have had a chance to equalise until the opposition put in their second.


Disappointing as this could have gone either way.


ET - 2-0