Biggleswade FC 5-0 Edgware Town


Middlesex Cup Game played away Saturday 11th September   


  1. Sam Irish
  2. Sam Addae
  3. David Sota
  4. Paul Marks
  5. Martin Flannery
  6. Sam Odusoga
  7. Claudio Tipote
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Ryan Carruthers
  11. Stanley Anum
  12. Tomasz Siemienzuck
  13. Perry Aitchison
  14. Ivan Machado
  15. Fergus Moore

A game to forget to a very good Biggleswade side.


Stanley picks up a yellow in the first 4 minutes and Biggleswade score in the 8th 1-0. A sign of things to come. Despite Dan having a shot at goal in the 13th Biggleswade score their second in the 14th 2-0. Biggleswade have another 2 shots at goal before they score their 3rd in the 34th minute 3-0. In a furious last 10 minutes before half time Biggleswade have two free kicks and a penalty 4-0 with a caution for Marksy. 


FT - 4-0


A better second half from the Wares although Biggleswade made early substitutions and Ivan made way for Mikkel which took the momentum out of the game. Dan had another shot at goal in the 51st minute only to see Biggleswade score their last 7 minutes later 5-0. Marksy makes way for Perry in the 59th. 10 minutes later Ryan make the Ware’s first attempt on target forcing the keeper into a save. Ivan has an attempt at goal in the 75th but Sam is called into action in the 80th. An attempt for each team at either end sees the game out. 


FT - 5-0