Wembley 0-0 Edgware Town


League Game played away Saturday 8th September   


  1. Sam Irish
  2. Callum Doyle
  3. David Sota
  4. Fergus Moore
  5. Marin Flannery
  6. Ryan Carruthers 
  7. Claudio Tipote
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Ivan Machado
  11. Tomasz Siemienzuck
  12. Hani Berchiche
  13. Stanley Anum
  14. George McCluskey
  15. Sam Odusoga


Difficult to put into words really but Wares were dominant in the first half and should have been 3 up but the game evened out in the second half as the game wore on and either team could have won it. Neither keeper had a proper shot to save.


Wembley started the first half really bright in the first 2 minutes but then the Wares got hold of the game. On 3 minutes Ryan had the first shot of the day but off target. On 9 minutes Ivan had a go but still off target. Ryan had another go on 10 minutes and Claudio had an attempt on 14. Ryan, Dan and Ivan had others strikes at goal in the next 5 minutes. The Wares were just dominant. Ivan had another 2 goes before Wembley had their first attempt in the 27th minute. Wembley start to change the momentum of the game from then and worked hard for their second shot of the game towards the end of the first half. Callum from long range tried his luck too just before the referee blew up.


HT - 0–0


The Wares started the second half as they finished the first with energy and opportunity but with the small blemish of a caution for Ferg for unsporting behaviour on 48 minutes. Dan has an opportunity on 53 minutes and Mikkel on 60. Hani came on for Claudio in the 63rd just before Wembley have an attempt at goal. Wembley then have a 5 minute spell with 2 free kicks and a shot at goal. The game then turns out an even affair in the next 10 or so minutes with a shot from Wembley and 2 from the Wares with Mikkel and Dan making contributions. Ivan picks up a bizarre caution on 81st just before making way for Stanley. Wembley have one more go at goal before the end but the Wares dominated the last few minutes with several half chances.


Fast and furious.    


FT - 0-0