Stotfold 0-3 Edgware Town


League game played away Saturday 25th August


  1. Alfie Bonfield
  2. Callum Doyle
  3. David Sota
  4. Denis Maharjan
  5. Perry Aitchison
  6. Samuel Odusoga  
  7. Ethan Mooney
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Ivan Machado
  11. Omalolu Onabolu
  12. Claudio Tipote
  13. Martin Flannery
  14. Rio Beech
  15. Paul Marks
  16. Fergus Moore


Edgware Town FC controlled the game from start to finish. A very satisfying game had a bit of luck along the way but a fully deserved 3 points.


It took Mikkel one minute to threaten the Stotfold goal and force a save. It then took another 7 minutes for Ethan to have a strike at goal. On 10 minutes Mikkel pressed the centre backs which forced one to play a poor ball back the the keeper which he continued to chased, latch onto and passed it into the back of the net 0-1. Stotfold get a little possession but on 22 minutes Ivan has a shot saved. A minute later Stotfold break and force Alfie into a save. A free kick was awarded to Stotfold moments later and Alfie pulled off another save. The Wares in the next two minutes saw both Dan and Perry have an attempt at goal. Just before the break Ethan forced the Stotfold keeper into a save.


HT - 0–1


 A great start to the second half too. Within the first minutes Ivan had an attempt at goal. This led to a corner kick taken by Dan to the near post where the ball was struck to the near post and met by a charging Perry to head the ball into the roof of the net 0-2. With the Wares having the majority of possession Lolu tried to make it count in the 57th minute forcing the Stotfold keeper into a save. Ethan made way for the debutant Claudio in the 61st minute just before Alfie needed to make a save from a bobbling ball in the box. Mikkel then makes way for Martin in the 71st minute and the Wares still press looking for the third goal. Rio comes on for Denis in the 80th. Lolu has two attempts on goal in the 82nd warming himself up for his goal in the 87th. A cross delivered from the righthand side to pick him out at the far post. Two strikes at goal before poking in the rebound off the keeper 0-3. Stotfold tried to press to get a goal back in added time but the Wares defend comfortably. 


FT - 0-3