Harpenden 1-0 Edgware Town 


FA Cup game played away Saturday 11th August  


  1. Alfie Bonfield
  2. Callum Doyle
  3. David Sota
  4. Paul Marks
  5. George McCluskey
  6. Martin Flannery
  7. Ivan Machado
  8. Samuel Odsoga
  9. Omalolu Onabolu
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Ethan Mooney
  12. Denis Maharjan
  13. Ben Gray
  14. Perry Aitchison
  15. Ryan Carruthers
  16. Tomasz Siemienzuck

A very tight game with the difference being a set piece in the end.



The first 5 minutes promised much for the Wares but in the 6th minute a free kick given to Harpenden made the difference 1-0. A ball was lifted to the back post, headed across the area only to be finished for a 1-0 lead to Harpenden. Within the first 15 minutes the Wares grab hold of the game but Harpenden on the break created the most dangerous moment of the game with an effective counter attack. The game ebbed and flowed as most closely contested are. Towards the end of the first half saw both the Ware and Harpenden threaten goal with Edgware finishing slightly stronger.  


HT - 1–0


The second half started with both teams trying to dominate with several chance to both teams. The game continued with both teams trying to take advantage with keepers making the difference. The game slowed a little in the middle of the half. A bold triple substitution changed the momentum of the game in favour of the Green Army. Rio, Martin and Ethan off for Ryan, Denis and Tomasz. As the heat intensified a caution was issued to both teams but the Wares continued to press and dominate for the last part of the game but Harpenden coped well with the onslaught.  


FT - 0-0