Edgware Town 0-0 North Greenford United


League game played at home Saturday 7th August



  1. Alfie Bonfield
  2. Callum Doyle
  3. David Sota
  4. Paul Marks
  5. George McCluskey
  6. Martin Flannery
  7. Ivan Machado
  8. Samuel Odsoga
  9. Omalolu Onabolu
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Ethan Mooney
  12. Luke Durnin 
  13. Denis Maharjan
  14. Tomasz Siemienzuck

This was an opener with a recently relegated club who had already lost to another relegated club Potton United the week before and were potentially a wounded animal. The expectation was that they were feeling sore and were ready to do battle. It was in fact an even game from the start.



The Wares drew first blood as Rio had an attempt on goal within 13 minutes. NGU threw in their fair share of attempts at goal in fact they may have been slightly frustrated and they picked up a yellow card on 30 minutes and just before the break Alfie pulled off an excellent save to get the Wares to half time.  



HT - 0–0


An early substitution saw Tomasz replaced with Ethan within 5 minutes of the restart. Sam had a strike on goal. NGU then have a 10 minute hold on the game only to culminate in a Wares breakaway and a double shot at goal firstly from Rio and then from Ivan without success. Half way through he second half things heat up and Marksy picks up a caution. The game settles before a double substitution is made. Luke on for Rio and Denis on for Martin. The Wares start to dominate with shots on goal but unfortunately not enough time left to make things count. 


FT - 0-0