Tring Athletic 1-1 Edgware Town


League game played away Saturday 21st April  


  1. Greg Marsh
  2. Ben Gray
  3. Rio Beech
  4. Mark Burgess
  5. Fergus Morre
  6. Denis Maharjan
  7. Romario Martin  
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omalolu Onabolu
  10. Christian Londono
  11. Steven Benavides
  12. Ronny Mfinda
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Perry Aitchison
  15. Tyrone Mulholland


It took a while for the game to get any momentum and Tring started the brighter side. Both goals came out of the blue and both were very weakly defended. The Wares gave away far too many free kicks away in the first half. A much better second half however. 


Tring were quick off the mark and applied pressure from the start. Their first shot at goal coming in the first 5 minutes. Neither team really got hold of the game early on. Tring forced a shot off target in the 15th minute. An injury forced an early substitution for Tring in the 24th minute and minutes later a ball broke down Tring's right hand side and was crossed in for their striker to head the ball home without challenge. Several Tring free kicks later a ball was cleared down field, the ball was helped on over the centre back into the path of Steven Benavides before he struck the ball firmly into the back of the net. Shortly after Tring had a long range shot safely into the hands of Greg Marsh, the Tring keeper also had to pull off a save again from Steven Benavides.


HT - 1–1


The Wares came out the traps much better in the second half and a tring player received a yellow for a foul early on. A second sub was made for Tring in the 59th minute. The Wares slighlty dominated the second half. Fergus Moore earned a caution for dissent in the 73rd minute. A minute later Steven Benavides made way for Ronny Mifnda. Despite the Wares improved momentum not much happened in the way of goal mouth action. Lolu picked up a caution for foul play in the 80th minute. Christian Londono also picked one up on 84th minutes. Dan Pett had an attempt at goal in the 87th minutes and Lolu forced a save from the Tring keeper in the 88th. Tring get Grag Marsh into action in the 90th minute but the Wares had momentum until the end. 


FT - 1-1