Biggleswade 2-0 Edgware Town


League game played away Tuesday 17th April  


  1. Alfie Bonfield
  2. Sam Addae
  3. Rio Beech
  4. Perry Aitchison
  5. George McCluskey
  6. Mark Burgess
  7. Martin Flannery
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Mikkel James
  10. Christian Londono
  11. Omalolu Onabolu
  12. Ronny Mfinda
  13. Hani Berchiche
  14. Alfie Hill
  15. Fergus Moore


Biggleswade were good for their first half lead and the Wares were very much still in the game. A much better second half produced plenty of chances to make it even. A penalty to Biggleswade relived the pressure on the home side.


The first 15 minutes were a fairly even affair but it was evident that Biggleswade were growing in the game when Mark Burgess was the first Wares player to earn a caution. The next 25 minutes saw the Wares continually defending against a slick passing side which culminated in a well taken goal 1-0, the wares were slightly slow to react to some quick passing and good movement. With difficulty the Wares fought hard to get a grip of the game and managed to balance out territory and possession before the end of the first half. 


HT - 0–1


It would have been difficult for Biggleswade to continue with their energetic commitment of the first half and this proved to be so. From the outset the Wares took control and applied pressure with Mikkel James taking 2 attempts at goal in quick succession and shortly after Christian Londono adding to the Wares tally. Minutes later Christian Londono was at it again narrowly missing the target. On 57 minutes Mikkel James had another go at goal before Martin Flannery picks up a caution in the 61st. A minute later Mikkel James made way for Ronny Mfinda. The Wares continued to apply pressure. Just before the Wares second substitution in the 74th minute where Martin Flannery made way for Hani Berchiche both Christian Londono and Ronny Mfinda both had attempts at goal. Both sides pick up a caution Lolu for the Wares. Biggleswade with their moment of momentum break quickly and enter the box with the threat of goal, a tackle was made and a penalty awarded 2-0. This relived the pressure for Biggleswade. On 88 minutes Alfie Hill comes on for Christian Londono before Lolu has a last attempt at goal and Perry Aitchison picks up a last minute caution. 


FT - 2-0