Wembley  1-2  Edgware Town


League game played away Saturday 31th March  


  1. Alfie Bonfield
  2. Romario Martin
  3. David Sota
  4. Mark Burgess
  5. Perry Aitchison
  6. Dennis Maharjan
  7. Luke Durnin
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omalolu Onabolu
  10. Mikkel James
  11. Rio Beech
  12. Ronny Mfinda
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Ryan Carruthers
  15. Christian Londono
  16. Ethan Mooney

An excellent game of football from both sides, throughly enjoyable. Both sides demonstrated that good football is very possible at this level. Game could have gone either way.


The game started quite tactically and not at a great pace however, within the first 5 minutes both teams had shots at goal. For the next 10 minutes or so Wembley took control and had several corner kicks. The next 10 minutes momentum was with the Wares and Dan Pett had a shot at goal. Dennis Maharjan picked up a caution on 24 minutes. It was a fairly even game with Lolu taking a shot at goal before Wembley scored after a ball was crossed in on the 29th minute. Wembley then picked up the pace and on 25 minutes Alfie Bonfield pulled off a great reaction save. Lolu picked up a caution on 68 minutes along with a Wembley player a minute later and Rio picked up a caution just before half time. The referee was over zealous as the game was played in excellent spirit. Wembley were good for their lead.


HT - 1–0


A double substitution at half time saw both Luke Durnin and Mikkel James make way for Christian Londono and Ethan Mooney. A much better turn for the Wares as they took control of the game. Lolu has an attempt at goal in the 51st minute when shortly after another caution is given this time to a Wembley player. On the 60th minute David Sota picks up an injury and is replaced by Ryan Carurrthers. Rio Beech is moved to left back. Although the Wares even the game out with possession and territory Wembley still make threats at the Wares goal and in the 71th minute the Wembley striker finds himself 1 on 1 with Alfie Bonfield who closed the angle and made a save with his feet stopping a runaway lead and starting a counter attack that sees Lolu make the Wares pressure pay and blasts one into the net 1-1. Both teams continue to attack at every opportunity and in the 85th minute the Wares on a break end with Dan Pett deftly passing to Lolu across the keeper to pick up his brace. Wembley try to get something from the game but the Wares hold out.


FT - 1-2