Hoddesdon 1-0  Edgware Town 


League game played away Saturday 10th March  


  1. Greg Marsh
  2. Sam Addae
  3. David Sota
  4. Mark Burgess
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Dennis Marhajan
  7. Rio Beech
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omabolu Onabolu
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Hani Berchiche
  12. Ronny Mfinda
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Martin Flannery 
  15. Tyrone Mulholland
  16. Christian Londono

A shocking game of sport. Pitch conditions, a poor, aggressive opposition and poor officiating all contributed and rendering the Wares ineffective. The opposition coming from a string of losses obviously set up to play a different sport with over 30 free kicks and 7 cautions in the game.


Despite a largely uninspiring half the Wares had 2 good chances to score with the Hoddesdon keeper pulling off a great reaction save to stop Hani Berchiche from scoring in the 24th minute. Towards the end of the first half the Wares had a corner that ended with the ball at the feet of Dan Pett who narrowly missed the top corner. 


HT - 0–0


Free kicks and yellow cards littered the first 15 minutes of the second half with only Hani Berchiche forcing an attempt at goal in the 52nd minute and Christian Londono came on for Luke Durnin in the 58th minute. Several free kicks and cautions later Dan Pett had another attempt at goal in the 77th minute. In the 81st minute Hoddesdon play down the right hand side and cross the ball to hit the hands of Fergus Moore…penalty given. The Hoddesdon player has his penalty saved by Greg Marsh only to see it bundled in 1-0. Sam Addae is substituted for Ronny Mfinda in the 83rd minute and Tyrone Mulholland on for Dennis Marhajan in the 85th. A scrap until the end.


FT - 1-0