Edgware  3 v 1 Harpenden 


League game played away Saturday 3rd March  


  1. Greg Marsh
  2. Ben Gray
  3. David Sota
  4. George McCluskey
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Mark Burgess
  7. Rio Beech
  8. Tyrone Mulholland
  9. Omabolu Onabolu
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Hani Berchiche
  12. Martin Flannery
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Steven Benavides
  15. Christian Londono
  16. Ronny Mfinda

Harpenden with most of the possession and the Wares with most of the accuracy. An excellent 3 pints.


With a slight shuffle in team dynamics since the last game the Wares grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck and within 6 minutes Luke Durnin exposed a weakness in their left side and calmly slotted the ball passed the keeper 1-0. Harpenden then needed to step up which is what hey did with their possession stats. However, the Wares defensive line was in excellent shape and only left room for long range shots with only 2 on target for the half. The Wares made time to make efforts of their own. 


HT - 1–0


The second half was much of the same. A great start from the Wares with some good combination play around the box to allow Lolu to smash a ball into the back of the net in the 48th minute. A shocked Harpenden was stung into action and within 2 minutes forced a goal 2-1. Harpenden with their tails up increased the pressure and in response Martin Flannery came on for Tyrone Mulholland in the 63rd minute. The game balanced out slightly before Luke Durnin made way for Steven Benavides in the 67th minute. Harpenden continued to keep possession and in the 77th  minute Greg Marsh kept the Wares in the game with an exceptional reaction save. The Wares make their final substitution in the 79th minute when Hani Berchiche came off for Christian Londono. Harpenden make their last couple of plays chasing the game when Steven Benavides killed the game off with the final goal of the game in added time.   


FT - 1-3