Stotfold FC 1 v 3 Edgware Town FC



League game played away Saturday 24th February  


  1. Greg Marsh
  2. Ben Gray
  3. David Sota
  4. George McCluskey
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Dennis Maharjan
  7. Rio Beech
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omabolu Onabolu
  10. Hani Berchiche
  11. Steven Benavides
  12. Christian Londono
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Luke Durnin
  15. Tyrone Mulholland
  16. Ronny Mfinda

Conditions played a big part in the game. A wet heavy pitch was not conducive to quick, sharp football with the ball sticking and slowing up at every pass. Tenacity and strength won the day. 


No one got hold of the game from the start. There were no real opportunities until the 17th minute when the Wares were awarded a penalty for a trip in the box as David Sota skipped passed two players but not a third . This was then neatly dispatched by Dan Pett 0-1.  The Wares then pick up the pace and on the 22nd minute Dan Pett repeats David Sota’s move and is successful with a shot low into the bottom corner 0-2. Altogether pretty even in terms of possession Stotfold making the errors and the Wares taking advantage.


HT - 0–2


The start of the second half was another scrappy affair and the Wares allowed Stotfold to play far too much shortly after. With Stotfold in the ascendency they took advantage and got themselves back into the game with a goal in the 56th minute 1-2. The Wares then get into the game, a substitution in the 67th minute increases the Wares intensity with Dennis Maharjan being replaced by Christian Londono. The Wares miss an open goal when the ball is played across the face of goal and shortly after Steven Benavides is replaced by Luke Durnin. The momentum stays with he Wares and in the  76th minute Lolu hits a screamer to practically kill the game 1-3. Tyrone Mulholland replaced Hani Berchiche just before the final whistle.


FT - 1-3