Edgware Town 2-3 London Colney FC  


League game played at home on Saturday 6th January


  1. Cain Davies
  2. Sam Addae 
  3. Alfie Hill
  4. Dennis Marhajan
  5. Perry Aitchision
  6. Mak Burgess
  7. Ethan Mooney
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omabolu Onabolu
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Rio Beech
  12. Ryan Carruthers
  13. Darren Bomfield
  14. Andrew Manitou
  15. Mikkel James 
  16. Reon Thomas


Dsappointing to concede in the last minute but probably a fair result.


The first 10 minutes were all London Colney, Cain Davies having pulled of 4 saves in that time to keep the Wares in the game. Both Dan Pett and Luke Durnin then had an attempt at goal each before Cain Davies was called into action again on the 22nd minute. The Wares then got to grips with what London Colney were doing and reorganised slightly to compensate. The Wares began to grow into the game as a result. Both Luke Durnin and Rio Beech had attempts at goal before Dan Pett in the 39th minute put an opportunity into the back of the net 1-0.   


HT - 1–0


An early substitution was made in the first minutes of the second half with an injury to Luke Durnin replaced by Ryan Carruthers a straight swap at the top of midfield. The Wares then dominated possession for the next 20 or so minutes without any real penetration. The game balanced out for a while and the Wares made another substitution in the last 15 minutes Alfie Hill replaced by Reon Thomas. Thomas moved onto the left wing and Rio Beech brought back to left back. In the last 15 minutes London Colney were asking all the questions and on 81 minutes after several failed attempts at clearing the ball a London Colney player struck the ball to hit another Lonfdon Colney player on the head which looped to the far post and into the goal leaving Davies stranded 1-1. With the bit between their teeth and feeling aggrieved the Wares then tried to reclaim 3 points in the last minutes but to no avail. 


FT - 1-1