Edgware Town 1-3 Colney Heath  


League match played away Tuesday 5th December  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray 
  3. Alfie Hill
  4. Tommy Walsh
  5. Mark Burgess 
  6. Andrew Manitou
  7. Steven Benavides 
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Reon Thomas
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Omabolu Onabolu
  12. Ryan Caruthers
  13. Sam Addae
  14. Luke Durnin 
  15. Fergus Moore


The game was dominated by the Wares pretty much from start to finish, 2 goals in the first half, one a sloppy affair with the ball tricking over the line with everyone watching and the second from a counter attack, set this game up for a total rout and a break away goal in the second. The Wares had 10 attempts at goal to Colney’s 4.


The game opened up with an attempt at goal within the first minutes of the game from Colney Heath. After that the Wares got hold of the game and dominated. In a moment of possession for Colney and 20 minutes in they were awarded a corner, the ball was floated in and in sure pinball fashion the ball took a ricochet off a player and slowly rolled to the inside of the back post and into the back of the net. Everyone just stood still and watched it trickle in 0-1. The ball now firmly with the Wares weren’t able to penetrate and in a counter attack forged by Colney on 27 minutes managed to play the ball over the top for the striker to get hold of and beat Davies with his shot 0-2. Not daunted by the task the Wares ploughed on. 34 minutes in Benavides strikes the ball on the turn just outside the box to rifle into the back of the net 1-2. The Wares then continued to dominate until half time.


HT - 1–2


The second half was much the same as the first with slightly more domination from the team in green An early caution was given to Onabolu for dissent, throwing the ball away in disgust with a refereeing decision. Shortly after that Manitou also picked up a yellow for a late challenge. Carruthers came on for Thomas on 60 minutes only to maintain the positive force in the Colney half. Without a change in the scoreline Durnin came on for Manitou in the 73 minute to try and affect the game. Several shots later with the Wares complete domination they couldn’t stop a cleared ball up the field rebounding off the Colney striker giving him a head start to a foot race towards the Wares goal. Unfortunately, this led to an unbelievably underserved third goal 1-3. The Wares never gave up though and with great spirit continued to battle until the end.


FT - 1–3