Aston Clinton 0-2 Edgware Town 



League Challenge Trophy played away Saturday 25th November  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray 
  3. Sam Addae
  4. Tommy Walsh
  5. Fergus Moore 
  6. Tom Rivet
  7. Steven Benavides 
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Reon Thomas
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Omabolu Onabolu
  12. Ronny Mfinda
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Stanley Anum
  15. Alfie Hill
  16. Ryan Carruthers


A good result in difficult conditions. The pitch was heavy and not particularly flat and the opposition payed mostly long ball and put in a physical challenge which the wares coped well with. 


Within the first 15 minutes the game was fractured with no real flow to it, the Wares getting used to the conditions. both goal keepers were called into action but both coped easily with what was thrown at them. The next 15 saw the Wares comfortable with most of the possession and most of the opportunities at goal with Rivett, Gray, Benavides and Onabolu all testing the keeper. The phase leading into half time was a little less dramatic with not too many entires into the final third. It looked as though it was going to be a hard fought game.


HT - 0–0


The second half was a little more entertaining. Aston thought they needed to inject a little more physicality into the game and apply a few more of the dark arts. The Wares unperturbed got on with things. Early into the second half an Aston player thought he might add a little spice by stamping on a leg while a player was down but fortunately the assistant referee had to appraise the referee who was blinded by poor positioning throughout the game of this acrimonious incident. Seconds later the duly awarded red card was in operation. Aston Down to 10 men. This did not seem to make much difference though in the early stages. Thomas came off on 54 minutes for Mfinda just before Benavides invades the Aston box to drive a goal home 0-1. With the bit in their teeth Beech goes on a now famous lone run to make it 0-2. Another shot from Gray and Onabolu late on could not make the scoreline any better before Onabolu came off for Anum who kept the centre backs busy for the final stages without managing to find the back of the net. 


FT - 0–2