Berkhamsted 2-2 Edgware Town 


League game played away Tuesday 21st November  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray 
  3. Rio Beech
  4. Mark Burgess
  5. Fergus Moore 
  6. Tom Rivet
  7. Steven Benavides 
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Stuart Blackburne
  10. Tommy Walsh
  11. Reon Thomas
  12. Ronny Mfinda 
  13. Stanley Anum
  14. Alfie Hill
  15. Perry Aitchison 


An excellent display of football. Everyone pulled together from Davies right the way through to the 3 new signing and the support on the bench. A fair result as the game could have gone either way. It was a little bit of a niggley affair with 2 yellow cards issued to each team and to be expected as it was a well contested game. Berkhamsted had 12 attempts at goal with half of those on target, most of those came from loose balls in and around the box, the Wares only managing half of those respectively, Berkhamsted with 60% possession, most of the territory and were given a penalty for a dubious foul just outside the area which left everyone puzzled.


Within 4 minutes Berko had their first shot that forced Davies into the first of his excellent saves. The opposition set siege in the final third and on 10 minutes a strike from outside the box went through a group of players to hit the bottom corner of the goal 1-0. From there the Wares started to get into the game, playing some excellent football mixing it up with both a short passing game and long balls into Blackburne. On the 12th minute the Wares had their first shot at goal. The last 15 minutes of the first half saw Berko fire 5 firm snap shots all on target from individual players that forced some incredible acrobatics from Davies to keep the Wares in the game. In fact it was Davies that then distributes the ball out from the back very quickly to start a counter with the ball at Beech’s feet in his own half only to go on what can only be described as a lone dribble beating 2,3,4, players in the middle of the park to approach the edge of the box to unleashed a wonder goal into the top corner adding the keeper to the list of player beaten 1-1. Maradona v England and Ryan Giggs v Arsenal come to mind.  A perfect way to end a half.


HT - 1–1


The emotions of the start of the second half couldn’t have been any more different when within 2 minutes of the start the referee with some kind of macular disorder awarded a penalty kick for a very dubious foul and one that was no less clearly outside the box which even left the referees assessor confused. The Wares players insistent and the opposition players completely quiet you could hear the referee think that he should consult his assistant. He asked his assistant for help on the issue but to everyone’s surprise a penalty was awarded. One can only image that the referee asked if he should award a penalty and his assistant saying that he couldn’t help as he wasn’t watching (suggesting that nothing particularly interesting was about to happen in play) 2-1. An early substitution for the Wares in the 57th minute saw Mfinda come on for Blackburne in a straight swap. The Wares picked up the pace firing 2 attempts at goal forcing their keeper into a good save for one of them. 72 minute in Thomas came off for Anum who within minutes had the opposition defence in panic not being able to cope with his pace. 2 minutes later Anum latches onto a through ball and punishes the opposition tucking away into the goal 2-2. At this point it was pretty much all Edgware and you could see the tiredness in Berko. Just before the finish the Wares had an attempt that could have seen all 3 points come home. 


FT - 2–2