Colney Heath 3-0 Edgware Town 




League game played away Saturday 14th November  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray 
  3. Sam Addae
  4. Mark Burgess
  5. Tommy Walsh 
  6. Tom Rivet
  7. Ryan Carruthers 
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omalolu Onabolu 
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Rio Beech
  12. Andrew Manitou
  13. Reon Thomas
  14. Alfie Hill
  15. Fergus Moore

The Wares were taken by surprise early in the game and were then on the back foot for the rest of the game. Generally in terms of football it was fairy even although Colney Heath had slightly more energy about them. The Wares had 10 attempts at goal with 2 on target and Colney 7 attempts with 5 on target. 


Colney were out in full force and took the standard practice pre-match team talk of ‘hit them hard in the first 5 minutes’ very seriously. They were out the traps quick and in the 3rd minute went ahead in the game 1-0. The first 15 minutes were all Colney with the only real move for the Wares was Durnin hitting the post. Durnin with a hamstring injury off to be replaced by Manitou moments after. The next 15 minutes saw the Wares play some excellent football with several attempts at goal. Colney in their first counter attack of the this phase went on to hit the back of the net 2-0. Edgware continued to apply pressure, ask questions of the Colney defence and eventually ended up rueing their missed chances. Just before half-time Colney broke again to make it 3-0.


HT - 3–0


The second half was much the same with Colney out of the traps quick and had 2 attempts at goal but this time with less success. In the 51st minute Colney took a corner only to be cleared to a deep lying Colney player who broke through the defence to be met by Davies who dove at this feet and kicked the ball to just outside the penalty box where another Colney player tried to chip the ball into the goal but Davies having got back on to his feet and found an excellent position managed to push the shot over the bar. The game balanced out and in the 65th Thomas came on for Caruthers. The Wares continued to press and create chances again and again but to no avail.


FT - 3–0