Hadley 1-3 Edgware Town 


League game played away Saturday 11th November  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray 
  3. Alfie Hill
  4. Denis Marhajan
  5. Tommy Walsh 
  6. Tom Rivet
  7. Ryan Carruthers 
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omalolu Onabolu 
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Mark Blackburne
  12. Andrew Manitou
  13. Darren Bomfield
  14. Sam Addae
  15. Fergus Moore


A good result for the Wares. Hadley gifted a 2 goal lead with their defensive errors. The first half belonged to the Wares with some great football and the lions share of possession. The second half was very much Hadley’s in terms of possession and entries into the final third but with very little end product. With 8 shots to the Wares and 6 to Haley only had one shot on target in contrast to the Wares' 5 on target. 


Within 6 minutes Hadley had made several mistakes and on the 6th minute precisely a combined centre back and goal keeper error conspired to let Onabolu in, to fire into an empty net. The Wares continued to apply pressure with some excellent play and combinations in the final third, Hadley operating mainly on the counter attack. In the 24th minute another defensive error cause by pressure from the Wares' number 9 allowed Onabolu to slot passed the goal keeper to make it a brace 0-2.  Several more opportunities for the Wares brought the half to a close.


HT - 0–2


A fairly even start to the second half saw some half chances from both sides with the Wares being more accurate. On 59 minutes Hadley pulled one back out of the blue 1-2. Hadley then picked up the pace and had big spell where momentum was theirs, making entries into the final third but without much effect. Hill with a sore back was replaced by Addae on 60 minutes. and shortly after Blackburne receives a yellow for an inconsequential foul. With Wares playing more direct they start to invite pressure as the ball is pump up the field only to meet Hadley players. On the occasion when the Wares did play out they had success in keeping possession and forced a bit of pressure on Hadley. In fact it was from one such play on 71 minutes that a good, fast passing move created a counter attack that sent a ball wide on the left hand side for a cross to be hung up at the back post for Onabolu to head home for his hat-trick 1-3. Minutes after Manitou came on for Blackburne and the game continued. The last 15 minutes were played out with Hadley applying the pressure and the Wares containing the game with a last minute change when Morre came on for Durinin on the left wing.


FT - 1–3