Edgware Town 2-2 Oxhey Jets  


League game played at home Tuesday 24th October  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. David Sota 
  3. Romario Martin
  4. Lexus Beeden
  5. Dennis Marhajan 
  6. Tommy Walsh
  7. Maudele Gbo
  8. Mark Burgess
  9. Mikkel James 
  10. Rio Beech
  11. Omalolu Onabolu
  12. Alfie Hill 
  13. Mohamed Koroma
  14. Abrahim Udoh
  15. Ikenna Okechukwu


This was an excellent opportunity to gain some much need points in a game that in retrospect was very winnable. The Wares dominated the stats with 11 attempts at goal to their 7 and the lion’s share of prossession. 

A great first 15 minutes form the Wares, some good football, good passing and moving the defence around. With a good attempt at goal that was narrowly wide by James. On 15 minutes the referee inexplicably awarded Jets a penalty for a high foot. If anything this should have been an indirect free kick. The foot that had collided with a player’s head did so after clearing the ball. The Jets player wilfully put himself in danger. A shocking decision that set the tone for the day. Nothing was going to go the Wares  way 0-1. This was not the case thought as in the 22nd minute James claimed his first in what was to be an excellent game for the youngster 1-1. Oxhey Jets only had 2 shots at goal in the first half one well wide of the mark. 


HT - 1-1


The Wares were perhaps even slightly more dominant in the second half. It was an excellent start with James chasing down a ball and muscling it passed the keeper to put it away. In the 50th minute Oxhey had a good chance to pull one back but for a good save from Davies. In fact it was Davies that was the busy of the keepers early in the second half with a second good save. Despite good possession and good opportunities to score the Wares were off target. The game should have been over by the 70th minute. Koroma on for Gbo in the 71st minute continued the Wares dominance despite another good save by Davies. With 15 minutes to go the Jets applied a bit of pressure which paid of for them 2-2. A disappointing situation. Nonetheless, the Wares continued to battle on until the end missing some other good chances to go ahead. Points missed.    


FT - 2-2