Spelthorne Sports 2-2 Edgware, 3-4 on penalties


MFA Cup game played away Tuesday 17th October  


  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Ben Gray
  3. Alfie Hill
  4. Lexus Beeden
  5. Fergus Moore 
  6. Tom Rivet
  7. Mohamed Korma
  8. Tommy Walsh
  9. Mikkel James 
  10. Rio Beech 
  11. Omalolu Onabolu 
  12. Abraham Udoh 
  13. N/A 
  14. Dan Pett

A debacle ensued leading up to the start of the game. 4 youth team players were called up of this game and in true youngster fashion they turned up with minutes before the game was due to start. The game was delayed while team sheets where changed and players reset themselves. Spelthorne Sports shaded the game. They played very much as a home side should mixing it up well. 


The wares started slowly and grew into the game. Spelthorne had the better chances and continued to press the game and create more than the Wares, they found it difficult to penetrate into the final third. The first half past without any major incident.  


HT - 0-0


Again the Wares started the slower of the 2 teams. Spelthorne were 2 up early into the second half with 2 quick fire goals 2-0. It took a full 30 minutes more before the Wares made it count and set panic into the home side. A ball was played in from wide and James fought to head home 1-2. The Wares pressed and the home side repelled. The referee with whistle in mouth saw a Wares player get sithed down in the box. Pett stepped up to take the resulting penalty 2-2 and the final whistle blew.


FT - 2-2


Penalties took place with Spelthorne taking the first. They scored the first 3 and the Wares match them. The fourth were missed by both teams. The home side scored their 5th and the Wares missed.