Edgware Town 2-0 Leighton



League game played away Saturday 30th September



  1. Cain Davies 
  2. Sam Addae
  3. Alfie Hill
  4. Tommy Walsh
  5. Fergus Moore
  6. Andrew Manitou
  7. Mohamed Koroma
  8. Dan Pett
  9. Omalolu Onabolu
  10. Luke Durnin
  11. Maudele Gbo
  12. Ben Gray
  13. Darren Bonfield
  14. Reon Thomas
  15. Lexus Beeden
  16. Abraham Udoh


The game in terms of the score was pretty much wrapped up in the first 6 minutes when the Wares took a 2-0 lead and left the rest of the game to be played out in full game management mode parking the bus and using the counter as their effective strategy. A very comfortable one given they were restricted to only a couple of shorts at goal.


One minute in and Lolu hit the back of the net and in the 6th minutes he did it again. Some quick and neat incisive play to put the Wares in front. The rest of the first half was played with the home side shading it in possession and certainly within the last 10 minutes of play the Wares had their backs to the wall but go in at half time with a 2 goal advantage.


HT 0-2


The Wares had a game plan and stuck to it. It was clear from the outset that a 2-0 lead was an excellent position to be in and that the opposition were going to come out all guns blazing. This is just what they did. A barrage of possession for Leighton didn’t however force an issue. This was an excellent display of maturity as a team, now looking a organised and effective set out their stall to defend the the lead resolutely. Late on Leighton managed to score but with and immediate response from the Wares were back to their 2 goal advantage just before the finale whistle. A most satisfying result that demonstrated unity, strength and comfortable with it. 


FT 1-3